Full Version: The Ranks
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Ranks are a good way to keep tabs on who's put in their time and effort to make SethCraft a better place.
Ranks are as follows:

  1.  [Guest] - This is the default rank, these players haven't joined the forum / community yet, encourage them to do so, as it brings a lot of perks to their stay!

  2.  [Newbie] - This is your first rank after joining the server! Congrats!  You are now able to use the ranking system to ascend the ladder! You can now use a bunch of plugins like sethome, create claims, and a few others.

  3.  [Rookie] - To earn Rookie, you must have played for 16 hours on the server. 

  4.  [Regular] - To earn Regular, you must have played for 32 hours on the server.

  5.  [Pro] - To earn Pro, you must have played for 168 hours on the server. (7 days)

  6.  [Veteran] - To earn Veteran, you must have played for 336 hours on the server. (14 days)

  7.  [Moderator] - Moderators are elected based on maturity and sense on duty for the server. These fine people are selected to help others and take care of basic housework on the server.

  8.  [Admin] - These people are owners, we just think the title 'Owner' is too tacky and entitled sounding. These people have been serving SethCraft since the foundation of this project. Please show due respect to these individuals and their decisions, as they only have the best intentions for your stay here!

I'll update this info as it changes (hours and permissions gained per rank).