Full Version: Update 1.13
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I'm anxious to see everything that should be added to Minecraft in a few months when the new "1.13 lumped with 1.14" update comes out--which should include new textures, new creatures, and lots of other surprises. With that, I have a few questions regarding this server, like "Will the update apply normally to this world?" or "Will this world stay in 1.12.2?". The dynamic of the game alone will be bound to change with the new hostile that was voted on during Minecon Earth last year, meaning that players that don't sleep will perhaps be plagued by those freaky "Mob B"s. The ramifications in a single player survival setting are pretty predictable, BUT will sleep not count unless everyone is in bed at the same time to skip the night in a multiplayer setting? I simply don't know. However, I personally would like to see every new aspect of the update come to this server (assuming there are no major issues with the update) and see what happens. Any body else got insights or opinions?
So whenever the game patches, it generally takes a good week for the modding API to catch up and patch all the new content. At that point, I'll see if biomes change and the map needs to be converted. I'm excited for all the other changes too! Sleeping has always been an issue with multi-player since not everyone needs to hide from the dark yet shares the same day cycle. So we'll see how that needs to be tweaked when we cross that bridge! Big Grin